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Studies: Dutch Studies at the University of Leiden, main subject: old Dutch literature, subsidiary subjects: Dutch linguistics, music history and codicology. Master’s degree in 1979, thesis entitled Benamingen van muziekinstrumenten in het Middelnederlands (‘Names of musical instruments in Middle Dutch’).

Ph.D. at Leiden University in 2006, codicological dissertation entitled De natuur in beeld. Middeleeuwse mensen, dieren, planten en stenen in de geïllustreerde handschriften van Jacob van Maerlants Der naturen bloeme (‘Nature in pictures. Medieval people, animals and stones in the illustrated manuscripts of Der naturen bloeme by Jacob van Maerlant').

Work: from 1980 onwards employed by the Institute for Dutch Lexicology (INL), Leiden, initially as a junior editor, since 1982 as an editor for the Dictionary of the Dutch Language (WNT). After the WNT had been completed member of the editorial staff of the Electronic WNT, predecessor of the Dictionary of the Dutch Language on internet (iWNT). From 2005 onwards the Language Database Department (Taalbank).

Research interests: lexicology, Jacob van Maerlant, philology, codicology and music history.